debut performances of an original show with comedy, music, heroes and villains


directed by heidi jensen

musical direction by andrew pang

choreography by elizabeth lanning

Up and coming Seattle-born superheroine Brie DeMarco narrates Cheese Louise: The Grate Cheese Caper, a story about wit, family, and cheese. When Ringwell High’s head lunch lady is fired after a scuffle with one of the students, she swears vengeance and dons the cheesy guise of The Evil Limburgler. It is up to Brie and her unlikely new group of friends to unite their strengths and overcome their weaknesses to thwart this new foe. But will this ragtag group of youngsters have what it takes to stop The Limburgler’s dreaded Fondoom Machine?



friday march 16 @ 7pm

saturday march 17 @ 1 & 7pm

lake washington high school theater

12033 NE 80th street, kirkland


open to the general public

tickets $8 at the door (cash/check only)

written by w.m. wassmann / original music by andrew pang